terça-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2016

Happy Holidays

Our path is made by our own steps ... But the beauty of the walk ... Depends on those who go with us! So, in this NEW YEAR that begins we can walk more and more together ... In search of a better world, full of PEACE, HEALTH, UNDERSTANDING and LOVE. The year ends and as soon as the other begins ... And in this cycle of "going" and "coming" Time passes ... and how it goes! The years fade away ... And we are not always aware of what really matters. Let life flow and realize among so many everyday demands ... What is indispensable for you! Put aside the past and even the present! And create a new life ... a new day ... A new year that begins now! Create a new frame for you! Create, part by piece ... in your mind ... Until you have a perfect picture for the future ... that is just beyond the present. And so start a new journey! That will lead you to a new life, a new home ... And the new developments in life! You will soon see this reality, and thus you will find The greatest Happiness ... and Reward ... May the NEW YEAR renew our hopes. And may the Christ Star shine in our lives. And the glow of our united hearts intensify The manifestation of a NEW YEAR full of victories! And that the brightness of this flame Be like the torch That lights our paths for the construction of a future, full of joys! And so we have a better world! To all of you companions who have the same ideal, Friends that are already part of my life, I want the experiences that are close to a NEW YEAR to be constructive, healthy and harmonious.
Much Peace in your continuous awakening!

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